How to Optimize Your Social Media Campaign

How to Optimize Your Social Media Campaigns

Never before have businesses had so many opportunities and the ability to reach their audience as with social media. To be successful, you have to connect with your audience – this means that you have to get to know what makes them tick and deliver content they like.

That content needs to be optimized in order to give you the highest possible conversion, whether you are aiming for more following or sales.

7 Ways to Optimize Social Media Content

You can connect with your customers much more personally hence it is advised that we have a great social media marketing campaigns.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are not just any social media platform now, but they are the best ways in which you can buy and sell products and services. They retain the customer value and also allow you to have new customers.

By no means is the following 7 content optimizing strategies the be-all, end-all of optimization tactics, but thus far they produce the best engagement and conversion results on social media.

What do these strategies consist of?

  1. Using more visual content. 
  2. Encouraging customer testimonials and user reviews. 
  3. Leveraging emotional content. 
  4. Delivering a good “brand” story. 
  5. Utilizing relevant CTRs (call-to-actions). 
  6. Writing about trends and current issues. 
  7. Rotating video content into the mix. 

Visual Content 

Science has now proven what marketers have known all along, that people respond to visual imagery better than other sensory stimulations. This has a lot to do with how the human brain is wired to respond.

How To Create Short Yet Amazing Videos For Social Media
How To Create Short Yet Amazing Videos For Social Media

Seeing is believing!

This fact has been proven statistically on social media platforms, as well. Facebook posts which include images get 2.3 times more engagement than those which do not contain images. Twitter tweets which include images get roughly 150% more engagement than those which do not contain images.

Testimonials & Reviews 

Close to 90% of consumers trust third-party reviews and testimonials.

If that is the case, then every brand who wants higher converting social media campaigns should encourage their customers, followers, subscribers, etc… to provide them with product/service feedback, even if this means offering a product or service for free in order to collect it.

How online reviews affect Local Search Engine Rankings?

What is more, encouraging user-generated content also fosters more trust, loyalty, and more traffic through likes, retweets, shares, pins, etc…

Emotional Content 

The more emotions you can stir up with your content and posts, the more likely it is to stir up audience emotion, and the more likely they are to engage with your content.


Why? As rational human beings, we like to think that our actions are determined for the most part by logic but this could not be further than the truth. Emotions are built-in shortcuts within the brain that precede the logical decision-making process and help in producing quick decisions!

What social media marketers and brands looking to optimize their social media campaigns need to understand is that people purchase on emotions and later back up their decision with logic. This goes for sharing, visiting, commenting, and basically any other type of engagement activity.

One more word of advice…

The type of emotion your content stirs up is not as important as how deep that emotion resonates with your audience.

  • If your audience likes funny content, give it to them! 
  • If your audience gets moved by inspiring stories, produce more inspiring stories! 
  • If your audience is a critical bunch, use as much sarcasm in your posts, tweets, pins, etc…as possible to get some life (emotions) flowing through their veins! 

If you give them what they want emotionally, they will reward you with engagement, conversion, and sales.

Brand Story 

Many of the top brands today did not become a top brand by selling a better product but by creating a better story.

Apple, for instance, never could compete with Microsoft, Dell, or IBM until they decided to create their brand story. Airbnb, an online platform for personal accommodation rentals, also built its brand on fantastic storytelling.

How to Build a Strong Corporate Identity That’s Instantly Recognizable
How to Build a Strong Corporate Identity That’s Instantly Recognizable

The list of brands who have produced outstanding brand awareness and customer loyalty is numerous and the fact that it costs very little to tell a story, it is a wonder why every brand is not utilizing it, especially on social media.

People think in terms of stories and not in cold, hard data and information.

Are you getting the picture here – visuals, emotions, and stories? All form a connective loop that subconsciously elicits an engagement response because it does not fight human nature, it flows with it.

Here are some ways you can use stories effectively in your social media marketing campaigns:

  • Share what goes on behind the scenes at your business on video. 
  • Post photos of office events, awards, gatherings, and even parties. 
  • Talk about your brand’s struggles and achievements with your social media audience. 

Call-To-Action (CTA)

CTAs are not just about leads or sales, especially when it comes to social media. Likes, shares, retweets, etc…are all forms of call-to-action. 

Sure, you could wait for the good graces of your followers to return the favour of spreading the word about your useful content but it is more effective and more consistent if you use a CTA asking them to do it.


There are some strategic words to use in your CTAs, which work wonders in getting your Facebook & Twitter audience to perform certain actions.

  • Traditionally, Facebook engagement increases with the words “Like”, “Comment”, & “Share”.
  • On Twitter, you will most likely see more activity from your audience if you use the words “Please Retweet” or ‘Please Help”.

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More on the importance of CTAs:


Trends & Current Events 

Another way to optimize your social media campaigns is to post regularly on trends and current events affecting your industry or niche. 62% of consumers look to social media to learn about current events & social issues.

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This type of content not only helps in engaging with your current audience but also encourages them to re-share your posts with their sphere of influence, thus creating a broader reach for your brand.

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Trends & Current Events Post Examples:



While video is included under the ‘Visual” strategy mentioned above, it is so important for increasing engagement that it deserves its own sub-section here. Video is the form of content which is most relevant to every major social media platform today! Video produces the best results when it comes to engagement. 

Need some proof? 

Video content retention is high, very high. It has been estimated to be upwards around 90-95%. Social media video content gets over 1,000% more shares than images and text combined. By 2019, roughly 80% of all internet content consumption will be through video.


A major portion of social media users access their social accounts through their smartphones, which means they need easily-digestible content which delivers a message quickly and in a very entertaining way. Video content does just that.

Using Content Calendars

What is a social media content calendar?

It is a document that helps a person or business organize and optimize their social media postings across all their social media channels.

Every company wants to improve productivity and efficiency because it means they can deliver their product, service, or message much quicker to their audience or customer, which means they get there before their competition does.

How to Build A Social Media Plan
How to Build A Social Media Plan

Content calendars can help optimize your social media campaigns by providing the following benefits: 

  • Organizes a well-defined social media campaign strategy over a long period of time. 
  • Fosters consistent content with a unified voice and a series of themes.
  • Simplifies analysis of the reporting aspect of the campaign, especially when it comes to completing important action steps on time and goal completions. 
  • Helps to reduce chaos and allows everyone involved in the campaign to keep their sanity. 

Microsoft Office, aside from offering outstanding business apps and services, also includes themes and templates that can be used to create simple or complex content calendars, which can be stored in the cloud on OneDrive for easy access and sharing.

Automating Posts

Another way to optimize your social media campaigns is by using automation software. Automation software can either fully-automate or semi-automate all of your content postings to all of your social media accounts simultaneously. At least to the major ones like Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter.

Two major benefits that can be derived from automated social media posting software include:

  • Saving Time: With social media auto-posting software, you can schedule a large amount of content to be posted in advance and have that content delivered to multiple platform accounts within a very specific time frame.
  • Consistent Posting: The more consistent you are with your posting, the more awareness you bring to your brand and the more traffic you generate to your site, products, services, and offers.
Top 12 Social Media Automation Tools
Top 12 Social Media Automation Tools

Your main job when it comes to social media marketing is to come up with the most engaging content for your audience and not to spend most of your time figuring out when, why, and how that content should be posted.

Content calendars and automated posting software can remove a lot of the mundane tasks associated with social media marketing, freeing you up to concentrate on delivering the right message to your audience.

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More about automation:


Find the Best Solution

By now you should understand why social media is so important to a brand and which type of content engages and converts the best on social media platforms.

All that is left to do then is to see which of the 7 tips listed above would work well for your business. Two of them will help to every business: content calendars and automated posting software will help optimize your social media campaigns for best results.

Continue to tweak your campaigns with the above strategies until you find the perfect social media marketing structure that is right for both your business and your social media audience.